Dr. Marc Bochner

For Cranston City Council Ward 6

Dr. Marc Bochner

For Cranston City Council Ward 6

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Dr. Marc Bochner, DPT, a lifelong resident of Cranston and local small business owner, has announced his candidacy for the upcoming Cranston City Council elections for Ward 6. With a commitment to representing the diverse voices of Cranston, Bochner brings a fresh perspective and a  dedication to empowering local communities.

Marc's Core Values

My core values revolve around principles that promote integrity, accountability, and service to the public. Firmly believe in conducting myself with utmost honesty and ethical behavior, earning the trust and respect of my constituents.

Community development

To work on initiatives and projects that enhance the economic, social, and cultural development of the area, fostering growth and prosperity.


To act as the voice of the people in their district or ward and advocate for their concerns and priorities at council meetings and in various government forums.


To identify and address local issues, challenges, and conflicts that arise within the community and work towards finding solutions.

Constituent Services

To assist constituents with their individual concerns and navigate government services, acting as a liaison between the community and other government departments or agencies.

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What People Say About Marc

He will be a great voice for the people in Ward 6

He is experience as a leader and business owner uniquely position him to bring positive change to the community

He is extremely smart and somewhat of an overachiever.

He has helped numerous people and really has a heart of pure gold!

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